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Apostolic Prophetic Training Center

Grand Opening


As the Body of Christ has entered a New Season, God is speaking to the need of Reviving His Exceeding Great Army according to Ezekiel 37.


Our Apostolic Prophetic Training Center is designed to teach, train, equip, heal, deliver, and impart. This is a hands-on center where everyone is a participant; as we teach, we will learn to apply what we have learned.

In the videos below, we share our Opening Day, and our Mission Statement.



Highlights of Application Time

We are excited about what God is doing, and how He is going to use His Exceeding Great Army in this End Times to reach the Harvest, manifest His Kingdom and cause us to really "Occupy Til He Comes".

We meet every 2nd Saturday of the month, at 2:00 p.m.

Location: 5730 Manchester Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045

2023 - What's New!!!

In 2023, we are looking to intensify our training. During the month of December, we took a Ministry Assessment that will aid in helping every leader understand how God wants to enlarge them for greater works. Some walk in more than one gift and God can blend, and/or change them and how you operate according to seasons and purposes.

We have added a Companion Rider Course that will be released from month-to-month that will allow spiritual growth through assignments done at home, and to be presented the following month.

Come and sharpen your gifts and talents, so that God can bring increase to the Body of Christ.


Equipping the Saint Conferences

In 2013, the Lord shifted our vision into Equipping the Saints. Our conferences have been held in several cities of Los Angeles, and three consecutive years in Colorado Springs, CO.

These conferences are designed with YOU in mind. As a Believers in Christ, we understand that God has called us and purposed us with His Kingdom in mind.


Many Believers go to church, know that they have gifts and a calling and are not properly trained or equipped to carry it out. Some offices and positions require clarity and most churches do not equip in these specified areas.


Many are filled with plenty knowledge and yet have no ideal of "How To" walk in what God has called them to do within their own unique self.


Many churches are birthing forth into Spiritual Things and need a little help birthing their church forward and we are here for that.


Upon assignments, God handpicks the leaders (team) that will participate in that particular conference. All of our leaders are of the Five-Fold Ministry (according to Ephesian 4:11 - 16) and has at least five years' experience operating in their office (s) and/or positions. This means they have already been qualified for the job.

There are times when God desires to handpick a Team Member, so that they can be stretched and prepared for their Next Level, and this is also a part of equipping.

We do teach the Five-Fold Ministry as well as other functions within the Body of Christ: Leadership, ministries of helps, etc., We minister to the total man bringing healing and deliverance; activation and impartation.

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