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Youth Empowerment

We have a heart and passion for our Young People. We want to see them thrive in today's society and not become just another statistic.

Youth Empowerment is important; it is more than going to school, then to college. It is about finding out your identity and purpose at an early age, so that you can become successful early on in life.

It is about reaching back into our community and taking them by the hand and encouraging on their journey to success.

It is our goal to bring the information and resources into their lives in a way that is relatable and digestible.

In times past we created space for our Young Ladies through "Girl Talk Party and Girl Talk Party 2".

This year we are reaching out to gather our Youth from Middle School to High School through a one day Teen Summit on July 2, 2018 - EMPOWER 2 PURPOSE TEEN SUMMIT - look for upcoming details.

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